Well, it’s going on the one year anniversary of this blog and although I haven’t written every day, I’ve done my best to write often.  As my friend and beat poet Philip Hackett says, “A writer writes.” and he’s so right. Right? So Write!

Life as Landscape….fractal by rcw

Writing has always been important to me.  I used to keep journals, well actually thought books. My favorites were the old black and white “marble” print cover copy books like school kids use.  I still like them today…sturdy, good paper quality and handy in every setting. For some reason, when people are using them it looks like they mean business….and in my case, I do!

So far, doing this blog has forced me to slow down and really look at life. You know, give it more than lip service and a pat on the head.  It’s been a real examination of not only conscience, but of purpose too. I’ve had to be critical; after all there are a lot of goals not yet achieved and time’s a wasting! 

This blog will continue through to my Fifty Sixth birthday, April 14, 2011.  After that, I’ll probably find something else to blog about…or just continue on the journey already started, expanding the field beyond age fifty five.  To be sorted out when the time comes.

For now, Fifty Five Is The New Anniversary….one year and counting for Fifty Five Is The New!

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