Soul Flight  by rcw

Woke up with a cold…ugh!  Sick in bed, too wrung out to do much but wanted to write a few lines.

New Year’s eve is coming…lots of people are planning parties, buying noise makers and funny hats.  My folks used to host New Year’s eve parties when we were growing up.  The neighbors and a few family friends would come over around seven and sit around playing games, eating finger food and partaking of various liquid libations.

I was too young for the drinking part, although I will confess to a few “sneak-sips” while clearing the table.  As long as we kids were busy playing in the basement we were allowed to stay up until midnight.

Some of the other kids would fall asleep, but not me! Insomniac since forever, I’d keep myself amused or help clear the table….which was amusing too….until it was time to ring in the New Year!

They’d pull out noise makers, I was more of a purist.  Mom had this great aluminum pan lid that sounded like a gong when hit with a wooden spoon.  Between that combination and a few paper bags to pop, I was good to go!

Once the excitement died down, Mom would send us off to bed.  She didn’t know that I’d sit at the top of the steps and watch through the banister as the adults got comfy with a few final nite caps.

New Years are more sedate these days for me…usually spent with Jack and once he goes to sleep I sit and write for a while.  And that’s perfectly fine for me.  So we’ll ring in 2011 on Friday night peacefully and happily.  And I’ll hopefully be over my cold by then!

For today, Fifty Five Is The New Celebration, a little more quiet than days of yore…but at least no hang-overs!

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