Merry Christmas

Christmas Card 2008 by rcw

Some things just have to be as they are….Christmas is one of them.  How ever politically incorrect it might be, and regardless of whom I may offend, I offer sincerest good wishes of the season and the most blessed things in the coming New Year! 

This drawing was my holiday card for 2008…created in CorelDRAW X3 and Corel Photo Paint X3.  It was made during a very difficult time; Jack was away, money was tighter than a pair of spanks and I wasn’t sure what was going to happen next.

What I did know was that things had to get better and that I just had to hang in there long enough for the change to take place.   So I kept busy doing creative things…which, as it turns out is the best thing a person can do when faced with dire, ridiculous situations.

As it turned out, being creative kept me sane…kept me from cracking under immense pressure…and kept me focused on the Moment rather than on all the What Ifs that tend to keep us awake on long, cold, worry-filled nights. Rather than suffer, I took advantage of the opportunity to create and totally steeped myself in my muses.

But anyway…it’s Christmas Eve!  We’re going to celebrate the holiday with Jack’s family a little later today!  It’ll be a lot of fun!  Those folks sure know how to party and are all quite accomplished in the cooking department.  Family is important, especially this time of year.  And I’m grateful that at long last we have some West Coast people we can call our own.

So for today, Fifty Five Is The New Merry Christmas…Happy holidays, seasons’ greetings, Shalom, Kwaanza, Eid and so on!  What ever ya got, have a good one!

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