>That Joni Mitchell song comes to mind today….”wish I had a river I could skate away on…”

Randi in the car

Don’t know particularly why, I just feel the strong desire to be off somewhere by myself….undisturbed…so that I could get all of these things out of my mind and on to the page, or CD, or whatever.

Creativity is a hunger, a need….like breathing.

I see people on t.v., even very young ones, who get the chance to live their muses.  Why have I been so long in the shadows watching others do what I want to do?  Have I been such a bad person that, like Mozart’s nemesis in the move “Amadeus,” I must watch from behind barred windows as my own passions fester unspoken? Unheard?

If I sound ungrateful for this life and all of the experiences, forgive me.  I am ever so grateful for everything….the good, the bad and the gnarly.  I am also grateful for the opportunities to use my talents within the confines of what was going on in my life at the time.

Granted, a lot of it was my own decisions…..many paths chosen ended up being distractions.  At the same time these “distractions” got me to where I am now.  And perhaps some good was done along the way, so that can’t be all bad.

Now I’m finally in the right place, shuffling my priorities and making choices that include this thing inside of me that longs to be expressed.

So for today, Fifty Five Is The New Priority….that little voice, my own muse, that’s finally strong enough to fly.

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