Grand Canyon circa 2007        

Going through some old photos to take my mind of this awful cold. Here’s one taken by Jack when we went to the Grand Canyon with my sister, her husband and my mother.   It was a wonderful trip; not only seeing the wonderful sights but spending time with the folks I love.

We toured not only the Canyon, but spent some time at Mesa Verde too….enchanting, and even a bit magical. I want to go back there and camp near the ruins….perhaps sit up on a ridge for the night and let the spirits sing to me.

Me communing with canyon

That may sound a little far fetched for someone raised as an Irish (Roman) Catholic, but it’s true.  I do believe that places can hold elements and energies of the people who inhabited them….and that we can learn from these elements if we open ourselves to them.  And I believe that the spiritual mystics of not only Catholicism, but every other belief system are in touch with them., too.

I came away from that trip changed in subtle but direct ways.  At first I didn’t realize it, but in the preceding  year, meditating on those craggy, rust colored rocks and on Mesa Verde’s incredible beauty gave me an inner strength, a sense of peace and the ability to look beyond the negative situations that were plaguing me.  I was able to believe that all things must pass, including the dark night of the soul. 

So for today, Fifty Five Is The New Vistas….seeing new things and seeing old things in new ways.

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