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>Getting Physical

>Got some decorations up for the holidays so the place looks a bit more cheery. I wasn’t feeling all that well, probably exhaustion from all this baking, so had a little help setting up the tree.  Gawd, used to be I could do it all with energy to spare.  I must be getting old.

Isn’t it funny how things go….I mean, when we’re young we burn the candle at both ends and it hardly effects us.  As we get older, oy! Things start to stiffen and creak like an old building.  Oh well.  I really need to get out and walk a bit more, get some cardio exercise going.  That should help with the stamina at any rate.

Even though I walk with crutches, I walk.  Got to.  These gams have to carry me ’til I don’t need carrying no more….keeping them in shape is essential.  And then there’s the circulation thing.  Got to keep that tuned up, too.  Just like a favorite car, gotta keep the body going or it won’t go!

Today was a full day, working and baking then sitting back and enjoying the fruits of our labor.  Very satisfying….very good.

So for today, Fifty Five Is The New Getting Physical….a little bit every day keeps me going.

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