>Thoughts on Family holidays

>Not sleepy, but that’s not unusual.
Sleep doesn’t usually hit me ’til around three or so, then it’s back up by 6 or 7 unless I have a headache or my legs don’t want to work.  Then I get to lay around for a bit until things clear up, but really laying in bed isn’t my idea of a good time.

There’s just too much to do!  Especially around the holidays!  Either making gifts or wrapping them, going somewhere to deliver them or having company come over…….whoever invented the idea of a “holiday” sure didn’t mean “take it easy day.”

Modern Isolationism….rcw

But that’s okay…and it’s even more exciting now that Jack’s family is including us in their celebrations.  It’s been a little lonely these past many years, even though we have friends to share the time, there’s something about family…just can’t be replaced.

I used to not thing this way….used to consider myself just a stranger in a strange land, until l met my birthson…then my thinking changed a bit…the whole family thing took on new meaning.

I hope to go see my folks some time soon.  Mom ain’t getting any younger and neither is any body else.
Here’s hoping the coming year brings a chance for that.

So for today, Fifty Five Is The New Thoughts on Family holidays….some of the best stuff there is!

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