>Goal Orientation

>Sometimes I watch the Biography channel…..gives me a chance to see how other people did what ever they did to get where they got.  One thing stands out loud and clear; they get no where at all until they are true to who they are as people.

Is that my problem?  Haven’t I found out who I am as a person yet, after all these years? One would think all that psycho-drama insanity of my earlier years would have resulted in some sort of discovery by now. Or perhaps that process is still going on.

What do I really want to do with my life?  Music, Art, Writing…..I’ve fought most of my childhood for the chance to do these things. These are the things I still want to do, and I fight each distraction now with a vengeance.  Too many years I allowed other things to draw me away from my real inner calling.

Some day, when I’m a very ancient woman, I’ll be sitting on a front porch rocking in a wooden chair….pleased that I was able to earn the home, chair and other things needed in my life through my creativity.

That’s what I really want in my life….to earn my keep through my abilities.  And by God, I’m going to do that.

So for today, Fifty Five Is the New Goal Orientation….due now!

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