>Virtues of Vinyl

>Got a chance to listen to some of my old vinyl earlier today….sure sounded great!

Yes, there were the old pops, pings, crackles and crunches…..and of course I had to get up and manually turn the record over to play the other side.

Hey! That’s how we did it in the “olden days.”

I actually had to laugh, not remembering at first that most albums only had 6 or 7 songs on each side…..I’d be in the middle of doing something then have to stop and change the disc.   Boy, times have really changed!

I’m glad there are still turntables out there to play these things; and am equally glad to note that vinyl recordings seem to be available once again in the open market.  Yay!

So for today, Fifty Five Is the New Virtues of Vinyl….records that is!

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