>Day Dawning

>Woke up fairly early, considering how late it was when I got to sleep; but that’s the way things go for me.  Sleep is something to do when there’s nothing to do….at least for me.

Some folks, even some doctors, think I’m from another planet or something because of my sleep pattern. Hey! It doesn’t bother me any!  I get a lot done.

The kitchen’s a wreck and needs a heavy cleaning.  Jack is real good at helping with that sort of thing….bless him. And he encourages me too, which is very special and good.  Everybody needs a little of that; not necessarily the “atta boy” stuff, more inspiration than ego feed. That’s what I appreciate.

Growing up, we kids didn’t get a lot of that.  My folks wanted us to succeed, but their idea of it was to ignore.  The girls were supposed to get “little jobs,”  just something to hold them over ’til marriage set in.

UGH!  Our family was chock-full of talent and I believe we could have gotten somewhere musically if there’s been encouragement and direction from a young age.  We had five part harmony, talented instrumentalists and even song writers all under one roof!  I wonder what would have happened if we’d received the proper guidance.

Oh well…..that was then, this is now. One can’t turn back the hands of time….not yet, at any rate.
But there’s a valuable lesson to be learned from this….parents should encourage children to be themselves.  If talents are made known, they should be inspired not condemned to the hobby segment of life.  It’s too damaging to the child’s self esteem, and stifles their creativity….effecting their entire lives.

Ultimately the decisions each person makes regarding their future is their own doing. That includes me.
I can “blame” my upbringing for only so much, the rest….the majority of it….has been up to me.  I’m not rich and famous, but I’m not living on the streets either. Not bad for a crazy baby boomer, eh?

So for today, Fifty Five Is The New Day Dawning….each one a new opportunity to meet up with one’s destiny.

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