>December Dreamin’

>December…..back east the trees are looking like boney fingers against the backdrop of a greying sky.  There’s a special smell to the air when snow is eminent….I remember it, and remember waiting to see if I could spot the very first snowflake of the season.

It was a chance to make wishes; like on dandelion puffs with summer breezes….only these were winter wishes.

Once or twice, I swear I saw it….from my bedroom window the first time and the second while standing on our front porch. I made the mandatory wish each time although I don’t remember now what I wished. 

I miss the snow; parts of it at any rate.  Even the shoveling once in a while….hey it was a way to earn some extra money for presents-that’s how we kids did it back then.  Shoveling, pushing cars, running errands, baby sitting and of course Christmas Caroling.   I did Halloween Caroling one year too, but that’s a different story.

Anyway, I’m going through my recipe files for holiday baking right now….lots to do this year, because we’re going to be with Jack’s family!  Lots to do, so little time.

So for right now, Fifty Five Is the New December Dreamin’…..snowflakes, cookies and memories.

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