Season of Light

Drum Table, Curtains, Original Artwork by rcw

Drum Table and Curtains by rcw

Everyone is caught up in getting ready for the holidays, and it’s important. Especially when times are tough, we need an opportunity to put on some extra lights and make the place warm, cozy…a little fuzzy even.

I’m doing my part, too.  Already started on the holiday cookies, planning for the breads and side dish for dinner with Jack’s family.

Of course this is a sharp contrast to one of my recent entries, bemoaning the economic fate of our country and so on. But I believe that if we want to survive, if we want to win we have to envision that we are capable of winning and that we do want to survive.  And what better way than decorating the house, burning a bright lamp or two against winter’s cold nights, and making specially baked gifts for friends and family.

I am amazed that even in our economy there are commercials on television showing people getting bow wrapped cars in their driveways….but what ever floats yer boat, eh?

What would be most wonderful for a gift this holiday season?   A nice big dose of compassionate common sense, neatly installed within the hearts and minds of our leaders and the leaders of the world.

And let there be peace, lasting peace….not a loss of autonomy, but a true renewal of the human species….so that we can become the best us possible, instead of always trying to kill each other.

Okay…okay….now, back to cookies. Gotta get more in the oven!
Bourbon oatmeal chocolate chip, bourbon balls…..which?  Hmmm.  Choices Choices!  Perhaps I better try a sip of the bourbon to figure out which one IT wants to be!  🙂

So for today, Fifty Five is the new Season of light-a time to burn bright against the cold winds that blow against our backs.

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