Been a few days again, life gets busy.
Thanksgiving with Jack’s family was nice. The people are all genuinely friendly and open, all great cooks too! They seemed to like my “Apples Exploration” too… pie, apple cider, apples and squash dishes….kinda went apple overboard, but they watch Iron Chef and Iron Chef America so they got it….secret ingredient was Apple, right?

And now a few political moments:

Curtains and Whispers  by rcw

The average age of a Republic is 200 years, I think according to Alexander Dumont. Our Republic has been “rotting from within” for a while, politically and financially.
I’d like to think our country can be different, that we can pick ourselves up and learn from history….learn how not to repeat the negative or destructive behaviors and learn how to do things better.

At this moment the “lame duck” congress is meeting, trying to pass certain policies and laws before the end of the year…among them is the “Bush Tax Cuts.”  The present majority (called Democrats) want to end the tax cuts for “the very wealthy.”  The present minority (Republicans) are not in favor of the Democrat’s idea because they feel it will destroy what little economy we have left.

Personally, I am not interested in politics, I want our country to survive. I think this is the wrong time to be raising taxes…for anyone.  I believe they should keep the tax cuts and do something more, grant incentives for businesses, small businesses and start-ups so that they:
          1) hire people   2) include living wage and reasonable benefits packages for their employees who continue passed the standard probationary period    3) invest/reinvest in the American based portions of their business
             The incentive could be, what else? Tax breaks.  And why not? If they’re putting money into our society’s economy to improve the conditions, why not give them a break?
Let’s look into this….honestly.
      What is wrong with becoming a success in business? And what’s wrong with wanting to encourage reinvestment in our nation’s economy?  And what’s wrong with offering incentives to do this?

We recently visited a friend, who was under the impression that the Bush Tax Cuts benefited only the very rich.   When we explained that the present congress wants to make it so anyone above the $250,000 annual income (gross) would have their tax bill raised, they at first said “$250,000 is a lot of money.”  But when examined from the point of view of a small business person, there’s nothing much left at the end of the month once all bills, expenses, fees, employees and benefits, and so on were paid each month.
    This seemed to shock our friend, who hadn’t considered that   a) the $250,000. was the total income, not the income after expenses….hmmm  and b) the media (the news stations they listen to) claimed the tax cuts were only for the very rich.

      I am not interested in political affiliation…rather I am interested in our nation surviving, intact.
That’s not going to happen if we don’t improve our economy.  We can’t improve our economy if we force the only people with REAL money to send their money to other countries or bury it in the back yard until this mess blows over.  It AIN’T going to blow over without some sort of PRO-ACTIVE and SUSTAINABLE action… not taxing entrepreneurs and businesses to death.  We need them to invest in our economy.

On a separate note, while I’m spouting opinions:
Wikileaks-Julian Assange…..why is he permitted to run free when his actions, along with his informant(s), are clearly forms of treason.  
Why is he and his informant(s) permitted to walk around free?  Now, I believe we kinda knew most of what was in the leaked documents, at least in our guts, but it really is dangerous and a violation of national security to have these documents flayed about like linens on a line.

What gives?  Who benefits from this?
Why haven’t we, through our leaders, raised a big stink about this?
Between the national security and the economy, who are these people REALLY serving?
Have our nation’s leaders truly gone mad?

The whole situation is a big jumble of nonsense swirling in a broth of idiocy, seasoned with the spice of destructive behavior…a bad stew!

Anyway, for today Fifty Five Is The New Investigation….seeking answers from something beyond what the media tells us; and solutions of common sense NOT politics.

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