Kitchen Creativity

Cooking has always been a passion…from a very young age I can remember watching Mom in the kitchen, creating magic out of thin air budgets. Not just Irish Chili, either!

Passions  by rcw

Mom is where I learned to cook turkeys in paper bags, she’s also the one who taught me not to be afraid to try new things.  Mrs. Schlosser, my home-ec teacher in public school finished the job, but Mom was the one who got me started on my culinary path.
Some day I want to write a cook book and when I do, I’ll dedicate it to these two women.

I loved it around the holidays, when the house was full of spices and surprises.  Our kitchen was small…called a “galley” kitchen, which meant one long thin room with all the appliances against one wall.  It could fit more than one person at a time, providing both weren’t trying to use the same appliances at the same time!  And we weren’t small people, so things got extra cozy.

But somehow we managed.  The men and boys stayed, wisely, in the living room; their attention torn between football and finger food but they knew not to make a mess. Mom was a believer in coasters, napkins and the like, and didn’t cotton to food fights or carpet stains.

To this day, Mom can be counted on for her famous potato salad, cole slaw, turkey or what ever else may be needed.  When ever I’m home, I ask her to please make me some Irish Chili…though I’ve come close, nobody does it quite like her..

Anyway, for the next month, I’ll be practically living in our kitchen…creating cookies and breads for gifts, making turkeys for Thanksgiving and Christmas plus making lasagna for Jack’s family celebration on 12/24.
I love this time of year!

So for today, Fifty Five is the new Kitchen Creativity….and it’s onward to Bourbon Cookies, Apple Pies and other tasty treats!

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