>Thoughts On Camping

>Sure wish we were camping….oh, maybe not in this weather, but I mean if it were summer that’s where I want to be.  Last time we went to Bear Creek, we had such a good time.

Randi at Bear Creek 2009

I don’t mind the bugs too much; we put a bee tray (with some honeyed tea in it) off to one side and that keeps them from coming after me.  Mosquitoes are another thing all together.   Those mosquito candles help…and those coils too, but I wonder how they are in the environment?  I’d sure like to find something that works without harming the rest of the world.

Maybe we’ll save up and get one of those screen tents….that could work.

Anyway, the important things about camping are the quiet….and the nature noises, no phones-not possible in the particular gully where we go-and believe it or not, all the things like building a fire, cooking out doors….I love all that.  Because after a long day of it all, there’s the chance to put up one’s feet, look up at the sky and see every star while listening to the wood crackling in the firepit.  Now that’s living!

For today, Fifty Five Is The New Thoughts on Camping….can’t wait to do it again!

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