To Be  by rcw  (added 1/17/2011)

Life is such a mystery…and here we are, explorers all, learning about it “on the job” so to speak.  We start out as little clean slates that our experiences write upon every second we exist.  Where does all that knowledge go when we die?

Is it sent on to the great Cosmos in real time, as the experiences are occurring…or stored up in our brains somewhere to be released to It as we breathe our last mortal breath? I wonder. Or does it just go away like an old graveyard, moved to put in a shopping mall?

I think in some way, our knowledge becomes part of a whole Kind of like the SETI program; all these little components sending their version of what’s going on back to a source for study.  Gee….gives one a new way view the common, every day file sharing!

And who’s to say this can’t be so?  That our reasons for being, vast as they may seem, are based on the common goal of uploading our individual files to that massive main frame (if that’s even what they’re called these days) for further study and comparison….hmm.

Where’s Isac Asimov when ya need him?

Alright.  Let’s play with the verbiage here just a bit and see if we can make it more palatable.

We are all born with both commonalities and unique qualities.  Just like everything else in creation if genetics is the fractal equation I believe it to be.  Everything experiences its own existence, interacts with others’ existences and takes on the effects of these experiences, from being born through death. These things are stored in memory, and reviewed periodically.

What happens in death? The body dies.  Some say that’s the end of it. Some say our spirits move on to a new life, or to our reward or to that most famous waiting room….Purgatory.   Of course there are those who’ve been promised virgins in heaven; although on behalf of women’s rights everywhere I ask you-if they get virgins, what do women get?  And don’t tell me we get to be one of the It Girls in the Afterlife, ‘cos I’m not buying it! Don’t sound like heaven to me!

Anyway, not meaning to offend anybody, but puuuleeeeezzzze!

Let’s get back to basics.  What does everything have in common? Energy.
Energy has an interesting characteristic…It is.  Energy can be kenetic or potential, used or stored. But it cannot be destroyed.  It cannot be created either, because even if it is not perceived as being “active,” it is still present.

Who or What does that sound like? (Note the capital letters on the who/what bit?)  If you picked any name indicating a Source, Supreme Being, Maker or What Ever you wish to assign said Possibility then give yourself a pat on the back.

This Source, etc, Is. Always Was, Always Will Be….we are part of All That. We come from There, and it is most humbling to feel that connection with the All because it also means we are all connected, too.  From our genetics down to our fingerprints, through our memories and beyond our dreams, we are all intertwined for some Purpose greater than ourselves.

What could that Purpose possibly be? 


It’s a very good place to start.

So for today, Fifty Five Is The New Scientist, because that’s what we are…under neath all the trappings we are experimenting….learning as we go along, and I have faith that something this intricately beautiful was put here for a Purpose.  And that Purpose is To BE.

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