Passions by rcw

Sometimes love is the hardest emotion.  Sometimes it’s just so deep, it hurts like nothing else possibly can. This should be no surprise, because in the state of love we are most vulnerable.

I know people who’ve been so intensely in love, that when the partner leaves or dies they are completely devastated. They fall apart and are never the same.  They turn off that switch inside, you know the one….the one that opens the heart and mind to wonderful potential and invites the universe in for a visit.

They cringe at the mere thought of allowing any more closeness, citing “too much pain,” “not worth the hassle” and “if I was supposed to be with somebody, I’d be with them by now,” or “once you’ve had the best, nothing else matters.”

I understand their sentiments.

My love is truly an all-encompassing one, effecting mind, body and spirit equally. Jack and I have been together long enough to qualify for “aging married couple” status, although we are not wed.  We are used to each others’ snores, belches and so on…and have,  for the most part, grown accepting of each one’s  short comings.

That’s not to say we are perfect, for we are not. But for the most part we manage to get over the rough spots unscathed, relationship intact.

Love isn’t a smooth ride, but it is a sweet one.  It’s like catching a wave in an ocean you’ve never been…feeling the board chutter and buck beneath your feet ’til you get your balance.  It can go a lot of different ways from that moment…you can be tossed off your board or ride through the tube, and those are just two scenarios.  Like surfing, you run risks….the coral, sharks, other surfers, your own board….and like surfing, you experience incredibly beautiful things too….the waves, the sky, the sensations of going through a fully formed tube. 

So for today, Fifty Five Is The New Wave….surf’s up! Let’s Ride!

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