>Living End

>It’s getting close to the new year….this year, 2010, has been something…..lots of natural disasters and revolutions…abroad and on the homefront.

Some people are calling these the End Times.  Bible preachers are having a field day, predicting the Date of the Final Coming, pointing out the Anti Christ, threatening Hell and Damnation for anyone not getting on their knees to Believe.

I’ll admit the Gulf Disaster, Tsunami, Earthquake and War stuff are good arguments in favor of the End of the World. 

How do I feel about it?  Quite frankly, I don’t really care too much.  If it’s going to end soon, so be it. Gotta happen sometime, I mean everything has a shelf life….even our existence on this planet.  Does it worry me?
Not really.  I don’t want it to hurt, but that’s only human.  Most people don’t like pain.

There are some who do….and they ought to enjoy the HELL out of the end when it comes.

So for tonight, Fifty Five Is The New Living End…..if that’s what we’re doing, let’s do it to the hilt!

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