It’s so late that it’s actually early in the morning; 4:20 a.m. to be exact. I’ve been awake, baking all night….some for Jack’s birthday-which is now upon us!-and some for our dear friends Jan and Vincent.  They’re in Sacramento over Sunday and Monday, so we are taking the opportunity to get together.They live in Dunsmuir, CA and we’ve visited them up there…beautiful country!

We’ve seen or heard from a lot of old friends recently….seems lots of people have the idea that changes are coming, and are trying to re-connect with one another. We’re stocking up on staples like flour, coffee, sugar and so on….not in fear, but in preparation. 

I have a feeling it’s gonna get a bit worse before it gets better.

The President went overseas to talk with the leaders of India, China, Korea, Japan and a few other places…
trying to drum up or make trade agreements that include some of the United States’ interests.  He didn’t get very far; apparently a great deal of the world thinks we’re contemptible.

At a recent international summit on human rights issues, the United States was publicly flogged by a host of dignitaries, including or own Secretary of State.  Of course, America’s been labeled Great Satan number one for years on the Jihad Hit Parade and is called the Great Whore of Babylon by several religious sects both foreign and domestic.

There’s an idea floating about that the world should have a say in our government….even to the point of a seat in Congress.  When I first heard this, I thought…do we have seats in other governments? There are arguments saying that we’ve overtaken countries so it’s the same thing.   No. Not really.

Our Constitution is not written for a global scenario.

I agree that the world has changed and that every nation is intertwined through things like trade, defense, etc.
BUT…there needs to be a way to include the unique nature of each culture in order to preserve what is good about our species.

Anyway…..that’s my opinion at too early in the morning to be thinking about such things, but there you go.

For today, Fifty five is the new question….Where are we going? 
I wonder.

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