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This aging business isn’t all that graceful. Between the aches and pains, squeaks and grunts, weird spots, hot flashes and wild hairs growing out from nowhere I’m amazed that any of us ever leave the house! But we do….feisty Baby Boomers making the rounds, doing their day.

I see it all the time. Our neighborhood is particularly replete with folks my age….trying to figure out how to get comfortable in our own skin-which is difficult when the skin no longer resemble that radiant, supple hide of our youth. 

We have a great assortment of the really Ancient looking Chinese folk….hunched under the weight of their recycling their cardboard and cans.  They amaze me with their agility and stamina.  Someone once expressed the theory that the reason we age and get sick is because we are fundamentally dehydrated. Their saying was “You’re not sick, you’re thirsty.” That makes sense, especially if we consider our bodies are made up largely of water.  We need the right amount of it for our bodies to work properly-it really is that simple.

We also need the right amount of positive energy and faith in order to feed our minds and souls; positive energy to help us push on through and faith to keep us on the path.

So for today, Fifty Five Is the New

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