>Venice in the 80s

>For some reason my mind is wandering back to the days when Diane and I used to live in Venice, California.  That was during the ’80s.  Diane was growing tired of the fog and wanted for some southern sun.  As luck would have it we came into just enough money to pull it off.

So after a fact-finding weekend where we secured an apartment, we came back to San Francisco and did another one of our famous month-long packing and garage sale-ing marathons.  This time we had enough stuff to use a moving company, so that’s what we did.  Of course the kitties (Molly and Star), Diane and yours truly took to the sky and arrived at our new door step on May 31, 1982 or thereabouts.

That’s roughly when we met Janie too. She was sitting in the apartment manager’s place when we came by to let him know we arrived. Janie was and remains a true sister-friend. She’s presently still in Venice, but hopes to move to San Francisco soon.

Anyway, over the next few days we made the tiny beach studio ready for our furnishings, which somehow all managed to fit in the ultra-tiny space. Thus began our eight year adventure in Southern California….through the years we’d do a lot of interesting, fascinating, rewarding and fun things.  But we also did a lot of growing.
A lot of learning. A lot of healing.

I like looking back on those days; all the friends we made, the times we had….through it all, there was Diane my dear, dear sister-friend. I sure miss her.

Anyway, for today Fifty Five Is The New Venice in the 80s….that’s where I really began to be me.

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