>Reading the Cosmos

>My mom’s birthday is tomorrow….my brother Bob’s was on 11/6.   My brother Ben’s is the same as Diane’s 10/29….there are a lot of Scorpios in my life.  Hey, Jack’s birthday is 11/14…so yes, there’s definitely a scorpion influence to my life.

Astrology is fascinating. Some folk put all their stock in it, not making a move without consulting the charts.
That’s okay….

The Fool by rcw

Personally I believe all that stuff-astrology, numerology, palm and tarot card reading and so on-have validity.
I believe they are tools used to focus and to pick up on what’s going on in the Cosmos, and how it can effect individuals.   Those who ask for guidance are given at least a few hints about the road ahead.

Life’s a pretty crazy place, any direction or instructions can only help.

Some people think these things are the spawn of Satan….hey, whatever floats your boat!

Fifty Five can be a lot of things, for right now….for me, Fifty Five Is The New Reading the Cosmos…flip a card, show a hand, interpret dreams…..check it out!  There may be answers.

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