Sky Fire by rcw

Friends from years ago are coming back into our lives. They’re popping up out of thin air lately, and it’s great. But it is also interesting….I wonder if there’s something going on. You know like some pending disaster…earthquake or what have you. 

Don’t you hate that, when the first thing people think is that something awful is going to happen. I wasn’t always like this. For years and years I was super positive; couldn’t  undo my frown with a crowbar! Now list to me…jaded, cynical, even a bit terse sometimes. 

That just ain’t right.

This world isn’t allowed to disfigure my personality. I do that quite well on my own. Who do they think they are, climbing inside my brain and twisting it into something I don’t recognize.  Not right at all!

So I’m going to find a way to change it somehow.  I’m not going to let the world continue to eat away at my positive nature.  I’m going to find a way to remember that one human being can make a difference, that there is power in positive thinking and action and that no one and nothing can take away what is not theirs to begin with….the determination of the soul…which can save the world.

So for today, Fifty Five Is The New Positivity….taking on a new attitude to help make a new world.

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