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Game Plan

“Tag….you’re it!”   Remember that game?  I used to hate the regular version; every body was so much taller and quicker than me! This meant that a lot of times I was “It.”  The other kids would run and hide behind bushes and so on….I’d see a lot of’ ’em sure enough-especially that kid with the big behind. He could never stuff that thing sufficiently behind bushes, trashcans or rocks.

But it didn’t matter. He’d hear me coming and somehow manage to scramble to safety.

They’d all make it to the safety spot in plenty of time.  And for the longest time I’d either have to put up with being “It” or not play the game at all.  As luck would have things, the other kids got sick of the predictable nature of my game too.  So a few new games were introduced.

Two of my favorites were Ring Up and King of the Hill.  Ring Up was like tag on steroids…a little bit war game a little bit childhood memory.  Anyway, the area was a little wider, the hide-time a little longer and there wasn’t just one person who was “It.”

This was a team against team venture where one side hid while the other side counted to one hundred then went on the hunt.  The hunting team broke into partners and combed the area after a strategy huddle.  There were captures, prisoners, interrogations…the whole bit!  I loved it and actually did quite well as a strategist.  Okay, okay so it was more like playing war.  It was one of those games that could be played regardless of wind, weather or time of day.

King of the Hill was fun because it was then I realized short people could stand up to giants.  The trick was to let the giant get to the top of the hill then take him out at the kneecaps.  And because that’s where I resided, the task was an easy one.

These days the games aren’t so simple…the rules were written in an obscure foreign tongue then translated into three other languages before finally drifting toward American English.  We don’t have a real road map, the  tires need air and there’s only operating headlight.

But….at least we have something to work with. Our finished product may resemble a Rube Goldberg invention but it will function.

So for today, Fifty Five is the New Game Plan…the ball is heading our way.

It’s time to do something about it.

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