>Belated Birthday

>Yesterday was my brother Bob’s birthday.  Wish I could have celebrated it with him in person, but unfortunately he committed suicide back in 1988…so I have to settle with sending my wishes out to the Cosmos.  Yo, Bob.

We were close as kids; only a few years apart so we were natural companions and allies. He was creative, fun loving, mechanically inclined, a good drummer and a real confidante.  Alcohol got the best of him and even though the family tried everything, including rehab and counseling, there was no way to bring him back if he didn’t want to come back.

He used to call me when he was drinking; I could tell he was into his cups…so was I.  Our talks were kind of strange..talking about drinking, denying drinking, talking about wanting to quit….like the blind leading the blind. Gradually I slowed way down but he kept on drinking.

I wasn’t entirely surprised when my sister called with the news of his death…he’d even stopped calling me shortly before taking his life.  No particular reason, the calls just stopped.  I’d heard he was in rehab again and was hoping for the best.

Poor Bob.

I sure hope he finally found the peace he couldn’t find in this world.

Anyway, for today, Fifty Five Is the New Belated Birthday…Brother Bob.

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