>Alzheimer’s Ambush

>Alzheimers….it’s effected members of my family through the years.  

Hard to watch, harder still to be in close proximity, having a loved one go through it…..I can only imagine how it must be for those suffering in its clutches. Until their mind is totally gone, there are lucid moments when I’m sure they must wonder what’s going on.

It’s hard, because you want to help, but at the same time you don’t want to make the person feel like they are going crazy, or that they are incapable of things….but there’s quite a balancing act going on, because they are losing their abilities.  How does one handle the disease and maintaining the sufferer’s dignity at the same time?

At the Labyrinth….Santa Fe NM 

There are hundreds of books, websites and so on….they give answers, and they do help. But at the same time….does anything really truly help?

This disease seems to run on my mother’s side of the family, and there’s a fairly good chance that at least one of us remaining kids will have it, too. That’s a pretty frightening thought.  If it hits me, I hope I have enough sense to get my things in order and take myself out rather than have others suffer.  But that’ only for me…that’s my personal preference.  I’m not saying anyone else should follow my way. If any of my family members get it, I hope to be there for them in what ever capacity is desired and appropriate.

Tonight, I go to sleep with thoughts of my relative who’s in the mid-stages of that Long Goodbye.
Thinking of them…hoping for them….praying for their comfort and safety. I hope to get back east to see them soon….

So for now Fifty Five Is the New Alzheimer’s Ambush….praying some day for a cure.

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