Fifty Five

Today just feels like today…in a good way, mind you.  I just feel my age.
And there’s really nothing wrong with that; in some circles feeling one’s age is just about normal.
Maybe it has something to do with the elections, or the computer class Jack and I attended, or maybe it was just the angle of the sun as it hit through our window this morning.

Anyway, first things first. These were mid-term elections….contended seats included governors, lieutenant governors, senators, congress persons and the like. The mainstream Republicans were trying to oust the Democrats, the Progressive Democrats were trying to hold on to their perspective seats, the Independents (along with the Disenfranchised from all political ilk) began having Tea Parties.

The results, as of this writing, are still coming in. It appears there are a few changes in Congress, including a change in the Speaker of the House….from Pelosi to Boehner. There were a few Democratic victories, including Jerry Brown’s bid for Governor of California. On the whole it should be an interesting mix.

We’ll see. 

I offer a silent prayer for all of them. Leadership is not easy.
May they be guided by all that is holy and good, so that they conduct themselves as spiritually enlightened, morally responsible public servants.

May the Holy Spirit of Peace and the Healing Power of Love abide and grow in the Hearts and the Minds of All….Amen.

So for today, Fifty Five is the New Fifty Five….because it is what it is!

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