“Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.” The elections are in town again!  All around the country, people are going out to vote. I wonder what will happen.
Republicans are no better than Democrats, Independents are all over the place, Socialists are…well…socialists and everybody is trying to figure out which is going to be the lesser of evils.

Shouldn’t that statement in and of itself indicate there’s something wrong?
Why should we have to decide between any evils at all?

I have a problem with people too much to the “right,” as well as those too far to the “left.”
I have a problem with anybody who tries to make decisions for me when I am quite capable of making them for myself.  If I wish to go to hell for my lifestyle or reproductive rights or anything else it’s my own damn business!

Government doesn’t belong in that arena.  Government belongs in a finite area of the lives of the citizenry and no further.  The governed have a right, and a responsibility, to make the government call off its dogs and take its jack-booted heel from off our throats. Or we have the obligatory duty to remove the offending appendage ourselves.

I am not in favor of violence.  I believe there are other ways to take care of our business.  Gandhi, King, Christ, the Dali Lama….these examples show a way to use great power without bloodshed.
Okay…okay…Jesus did get crucified, Gandhi got shot as did King…the Dali Lama was forced to flee his homeland and lives under constant threat; I never said the gig would be easy!

I believe we have good changes ahead…hard times, lots of lessons, some bumps and bruises along the way, no denial there. But we humans are a resilient bunch. We want to survive. There’s just something in our wiring that sets off alarms and flashing lights when we get too close to the edge.

Mind you, we’ve never been quite this close before.

But we do have that instinct and it is kicking in.

The elections tomorrow will cause a shift….a change in how the country is conducting itself both locally and globally.

My prayer is that we can arrive at a point where all people are respected; that we arrive at a place where we see our country as worthwhile and worthy of the greatness bestowed upon it at its birth…
That we can pull our Constitution out from beneath the rubble thrown on top of it through the years,  and restore it to its place of honor as the law of the land.


So for today, Fifty Five Is The New Decision…a heavy one to make, but one we have to make if we want the country to go in the direction we desire.

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