Keep the Faith

These are tough times, no argument there!  We have to hold on to something to keep us going….let us know that there is a tomorrow and a chance for things to change.  Faith is essential.  I’m not talking religion here, I’m talking faith.  That doesn’t mean anything other than what it says.  Not Bible or Bagavad thumping-that’s NOT what I mean by faith.

Simply put, Faith is believing in something…anything.  God…Yourself…a Tree….Whatever….

This video is a “Draft Song,” that is a song that just kinda spilled out like that.  We had the cameras rolling and were fortunate to capture it.  We write lots of songs like this; just start playing and words spill out.   We have other examples of Draft Songs, some are up on YouTube.

I think we have to draw on our inner strengths to get through these hard days.  We have to find firm assurance in something bigger than ourselves….not because the preacher or teacher says so, but because it is the formula for survival.  Relying on the greater powers of Creation, the Collective Conscious, the Great Spirit….or even just the Self….there is a grounding, centering force that we can grasp and hold on to….it doesn’t necessarily take the challenges away, but it helps us get through them.

It’s fashionable not to believe in anything….but in that dark night of the soul, how many of us still cry out-in spite of our public indifference-to that forgotten source of power and comfort?  It’s okay.
For today and for every day, Fifty Five Is The New Keep The Faith….cos if you believe, someone’s gonna believe in you.

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