>Diane Memories


Wylie T Katz, a gift from Diane

It’s almost Diane’s birthday….she’s nearby and in my thoughts. 
Every once in a while, when things are particularly crazy I’ll feel her hand touch my shoulder like in the old days…as if to say “Hang in there, kiddo. It’s gonna be okay.” 

Diane gave us Wylie after Ginger died…
She was so very supportive no matter how crazy I was….

She was, and remains, an incredible friend. It’s hard to believe she’s gone….so hard to believe she experienced all that, survived for so many years battling that damned Ovarian Cancer. Dear God, why? Why did she, why does anyone have to suffer?

I know, I know…we are mortal; diseases are part of the program and pain is part of it too.  But so is joy and love. Her friendship was one of those wonderful things of life. I miss her terribly.

For today, Fifty Five Is the New Diane memories, thinking of my dearest friend.

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