Saturday morning….I shouldn’t be keeping so many late nights in a row, but it’s worth it to hear the rain just starting.  We’ve been working on our video material since the recording board is in the shop.  I kind of dread the expense, but we need it.  Somehow things will work out.

Been thinking a lot about life; how we begin our journey all full of piss and vinegar then somehow as we go through the process, we become better…like an aged brandy (or for me aged bourbon!).
We don’t get that way by having an easy time of it.  No.  We get challenged, forced to question, inspired to try, then somehow some of us take all that mentoring and actually do something worthwhile.

I’ve fallen short of some goals, but realize that it’s my own  choosing.  If I really want to pursue something, I damn sure know how to get off my butt and do it.  All in all, it’s been an interesting life…lots more joys than sorrows, although the sorrows have cut soul-deep at times. But I’m grateful for every experience good and bad. 

So what does it mean, this Fifty Five Is The New? What’s it all about in the early morning with the rain? For today, Fifty Five Is The New Reflection….looking back and looking ahead through the mirror in my soul.

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