Night Curtains 1 by rcw

                 There’s something truly special, to me, about staying up all night….writing or doing artwork or music, or chatting with an old friend…or even just watching the moon traverse the sky.

                It’s a special kind of privacy, being alone with one’s thoughts…desires…ghosts. Edgy and full of possibilities good and bad, the wee hours sometimes make us reckless-cloaked as we are in pre-dawn’s velvet.

              Done my best thinking and worst drinking at those moments; ‘though I dare say with age it’s become more of the former and lots less of the latter. Sometimes I even miss that old moi the besotted…just sometimes. Not enough to crawl back in for another binge, that’s over.  I’ll always have memories…and the lack thereof.
           Tonight brings the stars, moon and the gentle snoring of my beloved…good things for an insomniac to have at fifty-five or any age…so for this moment, Fifty-Five is the new Insomniac, one of the grateful children of the night.   


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