Being There

Fifty Five has been a learning experience so far.  Of course one could say that about any age…any day for that matter. But since we’re on the subject of Fifty Five and it being the New, that’s where my focus rests.

So what have I learned so far?
That being there is where it is.

Life isn’t something one can truly savor sitting in front of a t.v. slogging a favorite beverage, but then again there are times when that’s precisely what needs to happen.
Life isn’t all about working one’s fingers to the bloody bone only to fall over at the grind wheel one day, all ‘alas poor Yorick.’  No, not about that either.

I am left to believe that there’s a middle ground…a place in between ridiculous and sublime that actually fits what life is all about.  It’s being present, in the moment…available to the opportunities and possibilities…open to the potentials both good and bad…willing to savor all the textures and flavors.

Anyway, that’s what it feels like for today….
So Fifty Five Is the New Being There…because when it comes to living, there’s no where else to be!

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