>Thought Process

>Crazy, Crazy, Crazy……What’s going on here?
So much anger, so much hatred….people yelling and protesting….gathering in the streets to change their government. 

We need to stop this; anger blinds people…anger combined with the crowd mentality is very, very dangerous.
I feel that the anger, honestly felt by the working class and the poor, is being manipulated and used by those with agendas that have little to do with protecting individual freedom.

I don’t know what to do, when I express how I feel my opinions are not respected.  My liberal friends think I’ve been brainwashed by Glenn Beck or something.  

I don’t agree.  But then again, Mr. Beck does say some things that make a lot of sense. It’s the true liberal who has an open enough mind to listen to all sides.  What does that say for those who insist there is only one way to think….theirs?!

For today, Fifty Five Is The New Thought Process….time to get it out of reverse and make it move ahead, while we still can.

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