>Thoughts On Muses

>Creativity can be a struggle sometimes…I mean, it’s not like I don’t want to be making music, it’s just that sometimes one of the other muses is calling and music gets to be a distraction.

It’s like some days there’s a traffic jam inside my head, one thing wants to come out more than the other….then it’s all about coordination. Having a partner means working with their creative juices too. Are they too tired, or too distracted by their own thoughts?  Does everybody feel in the mood? Or is only one person ready to jam?

When that happens, it sure is good to have alternatives.  This blog, for example, is a very good alternative when Jack’s not feeling well, or isn’t in the mood to do music. I sometimes go down to the studio by myself and play around, but it’s a lot more fun with Jack. 

So today is one of those writing days….glad to have more than one muse.
For me, right now Fifty Five Is The New Thoughts on Muses….there’s more than one way to be creative.

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