>Kitchen Contemplation

>Cooking is one of my favorite things, in case you haven’t noticed.

Randi’s Blueberry Cornbread

I love creating new flavor and texture combinations, and even if they don’t all come out right there’s still a lot of fun involved.

The holidays really bring out the kitchen maven in me; filling the house with seasonal aromas….cinnamon,  cloves, garlic, lemon, basil….
Spices, herbs and such to me are essential kitchen tools, important as knives and spoons-heck! Just about as important as stoves and mixing bowls!  They are the ribbon that can tie a dish together or the bomb that can blow it all apart. 

A person should really experiment with a new ingredient or combination before introducing it into the dining fare.  Some folk don’t like mixing garlic and rosemary, for example.  I know an entire family who don’t eat onions.  That’s when true mastery comes into play….finding alternatives that will produce a well rounded flavor without using a dreaded ingredient.  But there are ways to do it.

Adaptability is the key….and the cook should be adaptable enough to render a meal their diners will enjoy.
It’s not up to the chef to force their will on their guests….of course, the guests could be missing out on a wonderful experience if they are too closed minded, so there’s a trade-off.

Anyway, for today, Fifty Five Is The New Kitchen Contemplation…preparing food is another way to say I love you.

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