Harmony by rcw

When creativity is a hunger, a passion that can’t be sated, that’s when you know you’ve got it.  Maybe not the “It” that’ll make you rich and famous, but what’s that anyway? A person can own everything they want and still not be happy….by the same token, another person can be living in a cardboard box and be the happiest they’ve ever been.  

Happiness has more to do with internal rather than external riches.  Sure, being fiscally on top is excellent. But the majority of us are no where near that.  But what we don’t have in money we make up for in spirit.

Sure, I may gripe sometimes about not having enough….but on the whole I am a very grateful person. I have time to create, tons to inspire me and the ability to carry out my dreams.  It’s all up to me.

So for now, Fifty Five Is The New Happiness….it’s all around, we just have to see it to be it.

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