Been a while again…not for lack of trying.   Life just seems to come up behind me and grab, grab, grab until I am carried off by forces greater than myself; away from creativity and back into the thick soup I’ve been trying to get out of for so very long.

Not that I mind being needed and helping others, it’s just that I’m still getting smothered, still getting dragged away…still being forced to put aside personal goals, desires and dreams. 

Don’t get me wrong. I am humbled and honored at being given the chance to help those in need; and their needs far outweigh mine. It’s just that once in a while it would be nice to be able to concentrate on a project through to it’s fruition rather than having to always pick it up and put it down.

Oh well. Griping doesn’t do any good, and besides…if the roles were reversed, wouldn’t I want someone being supportive? But for the grace of that which made us go I.  We’re here to help eachother and I just should shut up and hold up my end.

We did get a few moments practicing in our studio that Jack is re-building….and also got out for a trip to the food store. Couple of pictures enclosed.

So for today, and for all the days I’ve missed writing in the blog because of being needed elsewhere, Fifty Five Is The New Gratitude…I am grateful for everything, including being needed by others.

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