Bewitching Politics

Politics! Politics! Politics!  It’s all just so nauseating!  Can’t people see beyond their desire for power?  Don’t they realize the effect their actions have on the lives of the Little Guy? Little Guys like me and a lot of you….just trying to make ends meet. 

X Marks The Spot   by rcw

We don’t care if somebody dated a member of a coven when they went to college…we don’t even care, at least I don’t personally, if candidates are a full fledged, cauldron stirring, broom flying witches! Hey! Gimme that old time religion! And quite frankly, considering some of the other character-types we’ve had in seats of power, a few sorcerers might help fix some of our problems!

If I were running for office and an opponent dragged that kind of skeleton out of my closet, I wouldn’t deny it…I’d find a way to run with it.  Like using the theme song from the old t.v. show “Bewitched” for my campaign song.  My commercials would begin with serious issue based commentary, concluding with a wiggle of the nose, a puff of smoke and a few bars from the campaign song.  Why not?

Politics is all just so much smoke and mirrors, rhetoric and mud slinging these days….what ever happened to elections run on issues rather than character assassination? If only a candidate (or their campaign manager) was creative enough to use the mud slung at them to their advantage!  Could be fun and could also be a constructive way to end the bullshit and get the arguments back on track-to what really counts….the issues!

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