Thoughts on my Friendly Feline Familiar

Wylie T Katz at your service

Animals are such wonderful friends!
Some folks are “dog people,” some like birds, or fish…I’ve even raised mice. 

But when all the fur and feathers settle, I am pretty much a “cat person.”  Even though they get a bit stand-offish and attitudinal, their independence suits me fine. Besides, I like their honesty.

Here’s a picture of our cat, Wylie T Katz.
He’s a funny kitty….plays fetch like a dog, loves his belly rubbed and is actually quite a good catcher.

When our cat Ginger died, Diane saw how heart broken we were and insisted on getting us another kitty. At first I was hesitant, we still had Betsy and I didn’t want to make her feel intruded upon, but Diane picked us up in her car and we drove to the pet store and found this little guy.

For the life of me, I can’t comprehend people being cruel to animals, let alone to one another.  All the horrific methods people have invented to inflict pain upon those creatures perceived as beneath them-couldn’t this inventive intelligence have been used for positive purposes?

Wylie was a “rescue” animal.  I can only imagine what horror he may have come from in his young life. He is jumpy, remnants from some visceral event that must have happened during his first weeks before being found.
If I ever get some “extra” money, I want to donate some to animal rescue services.

For today, Fifty Five Is The New Thoughts on my Friendly Feline Familiar….Wylie T. Katz, my fur coated buddy.

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