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Everybody’s probably doing something 9/11 related for today, why should I be any different?

There’s controversy over a mosque being formalized (it’s actually been in existence for a while already)
near the site of the Twin Towers attack. Some think it’s a good idea, some thing it is not.  Those who support it are calling those that don’t bigots. Those who oppose the idea are accusing the supporters of being either terrorist sympathizers or communists.  Sheesh!

So, where do I stand?  The mosque isn’t breaking any existing laws by being there…however there are the feelings of those who lost people in the attack.  Some of them are in favor, some are opposed.

There are questions about the financing of the project, the imam in charge of the project, the other people involved with the project…lots and lots of questions. We are not breaking laws by asking these questions.

Are there any other places of worship in the same radius area that are being rebuilt? Can a religious center for all faiths be established in the same radius area to make sure all bases are covered?

And, here’s the big one, how do we get past all this duplicity, hatred and unrest that is brewing and building all around us? This presidency and administration was supposed to be about change, inclusion and bringing our country back from the brink.  The polar opposite seems to be occurring…other than the change; that’s happening – and it seems like a negative change at that.

We have to turn this ship around, get it back on course….let’s not push our constitution aside, let’s remember how to cherish our freedoms by becoming responsible for them. That is the kind of change we need. A real, organic, fundamental change in how we view ourselves-not as horrid oppressors but as a people with a diverse history and great potential. True, we’ve not always been our best, but as a nation name me one which hasn’t gone through its’ own version of slavery, oppression and mismanagement.

It is an unfortunate part of humans that we are not perfect, as individuals or collectively.  But we have the ability to learn from our mistakes and become better because of them.  We just have to do it.

So what’s to be said for today, September 11, 2010?  Fifty Five is the New 911-the emergency call saying it’s time to wake up and make some REAL POSITIVE changes….while we still can.

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