The New Memory

We’ve been helping pack the remnants of Jack’s family home for the past several months; touching bits of the past that meant so much to the them…freed briefly from their old newspaper wrappings to be reviewed, sorted then re-packed for their next adventure.

Jack and his sister peer through the pages of memory…a loved-to-pieces stuffed Mickey Mouse, a boy scout badge sash, holiday decorations, table cloths and tools…each with a story, a bit more revealed to me about this man I love and his family.

I’ve also been blessed with gaining a friend in Jack’s sister, and have been made to feel welcomed by his nieces, nephews and cousins. 

Jack has in a sense grown up before my eyes through black and white pictures; a small child, a young boy, a lad, a young man, a married man….his personal journey pasted carefully in black paged photo albums. His mom drew little illustrations on some pages; a beach ball on a bit of sand, a stack of school books held together with a buckled strap, a New Year’s Eve top hat….she was quite good.

Luckily his family were reunited before his mother passed. I know it brought her peace spending time with her long lost son during those final months…and I am sure it helped Jack too.

That’s what we’ve been doing lately.  We’re still waiting for the recording equipment to come back from the shop, but will be recording some brand new material as soon as we get it back!

For today Fifty Five Is The New Memory; adding Jack’s family and their memories to mine with a gentle stir and a bit of love.  

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