>Thoughts on School Days

>September’s dawning makes me think of opening day at school.  After the initial one in first grade, where I was the shortest kid in the entire building, they all had similar routines, similar sensations.

The crisp new clothes; uniforms for the first nine years – minus a couple of month stint in 4th grade when I broke my arm…..new school bag (wasn’t ’til transferring to public school that I was finally able to don the more practical back pack), new shoes-saddle oxfords, even when I didn’t have to wear them anymore….even the smell of a new copybook sends waves of memories.

Although nothing can ever compare to the jolt given when anyone even mentions mimeographed fact sheets!  Their smell alone is worth a thousand blasts from the past.

September does that to me…..the early part of it at any rate.  Sure there were times when I absolutely hated school….and to this day I’m not sure how I graduated…..but there were some pretty amazing moments, too.
Moments that I wouldn’t trade for anything.

So for today, Fifty Five Is The New Thoughts on School Days….with the knowledge that I’m still a student in this university we call life.

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