The more I try to devote time to artistic endeavors, the more life tries to drag me away from them.
I mean, I understand the need to take care of one’s business, to help those in need and so on…but when, just when does an person get the chance to sit down and clear the noise away for a few moments of creativity? 

It’s just ridiculous! Oh well…I could bitch and moan all day long about it.  People have told me that it’s all in the choices I make, but I don’t agree.

When somebody needs help and there’s nobody else around, ya gotta do something.  Ya just can’t ignore them and be on your merry way!  Well at least I can’t.   Must be something in my wiring.

Sometimes I think it might be an interesting experience to shut the world out, tell everybody to just go to deal with things themselves so I can deal with a few of my own issues.  Almost did it successfully once…almost.  Didn’t take long before I caved.

In truth, behind all the grumbling I am grateful for the opportunity to be there, to help if needed. So please forgive me, Maker, for being terribly, terribly human…thank you for the tasks at hand and the trust you place in me.

Okay…now. Gotta go get ready for a good day ahead. There are people to see and things to do…so for today Fifty-Five is the New Determination-one foot in front of the other, full steam ahead….with a little prayer for a few moments with my muse.

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