Remember the old t.v. sets?   Huge consoles…wooden cabinetry; that’s the best kind for speakers-wood. This composite stuff is okay, but it doesn’t respond to sound the same way.
Off subject, sorry.

Back in the day….Gleason, Skelton, all the greats.  They’d come into our living rooms once a week like honored family guests.  The family would gather ’round, enthralled by folks like Imogene Coco; cheer for the performers on the Ted Mac show and howl at Groucho Marx’s double edged comments on “You Bet Your Life.”  T.V. was innocent, bloodless and black and white.  No CSI, no Sex and the City; back then nobody slept with anybody and the only carving being done was on a turkey by Ward Cleaver.

I’m not saying t.v.’s not great these days….it’s fantastic-almost too much so.  Now, even the commercials themselves are part of the entertainment.

But here’s to t.v.! Baby Sitter, Teacher, Information Booth and Vast Wasteland…here’s to T.V.!
For Today, Fifty Five Is The New T.V. then, with some fond memories of the old.

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