Rhetoric and Revelation

Glenn Beck

We’ve been watching Glenn Beck on FoxNews once in a while.  Some of our friends think we’re crazy. They worry that we might be getting “taken in” by his rhetoric. They ask if we watch any other news stations so that we can get a balanced view point.

And heaven forbid we talk about anything that sounds “Tea Party-ish.”  They think those folks are dangerous and racist.


I’ve done a bit of research, as I am apt to do when someone makes claims such as Mr. Beck has made with regards to our country’s history and do you know what?  The bugger is right.  Now, I knew we weren’t founded by a bunch of racist imperialists, but I didn’t realize that we had African Americans so heartily involved in our own American Revolution.

No, I didn’t just view what he had to say and nod like a trained dog, I looked things up and read from independent sources as well as those he quoted.

I asked my friends if they had ever heard Mr. Beck speak.  Of course not. They’d been told by newscasters they trust that Mr. Beck is a vile, racist, fear mongering, right-wing idiot.

I’ve watched his programs and frankly don’t see what they are talking about. 

He’s going to be holding a rally on the Washington D.C. mall, right at the Lincoln Memorial on 8/28, the anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I Had A Dream” speech. Lots of people are up in arms about this, some saying he ought to be silenced because he’s a dangerous, dangerous man.

I will be watching this rally on 8//28 closely on my t.v., and will report on any dangerous behavior. 
In the meantime, I will continue to check facts from all points of view. That’s the only way to make an informed decision.

I grow concerned for my friends who seem to be taking their information from news blips and sound bytes rather than checking the facts.

So for today, Fifty five is the new Rhetoric and Revelation…sorting truth from so much static.

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