One of my not so secret passions is cooking.  For a while there, I even wanted to open a restaurant but never got ahold of enough of the proper ingredients (money, location, equipment etc) to make it happen.  Still, I love to cook and will be happy to do so at the drop of an apron, doesn’t matter the cuisine or ingredients.  Iron Chef and Iron Chef America are two of my favorite t.v. programs.

Some favorites are:
Soufflet  (I can cook it, but apparently neither the computer nor I can spell it)
Stuffed Red Cabbage with Tomato and Carrot Sauce
Blueberry Cornbread
Paper Bag Roasted Stuffed (or unstuffed) Turkey and Thanksgiving Trimmings
and of course, my version of comfort food-Mom’s Irish Chili

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Home Made Blueberry Corn Bread
Home Made Stuffed Red Cabbage

One thing I’m trying
to do is film while cooking some of these recipes and maybe getting the resulting video up online…kind of my own cooking show!
That could be a lot of fun.
See, not every dream is about recording music.  Okay, okay this one still incorporates making videos….but I am diversifying, subject-matter wise.

For today, Fifty Five is the New Recipe…cooking up dreams and working with them ’til they come into fruition.

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