Freak Flag

August 1969 was an interesting time…Woodstock and Manson, the two most opposite ends of the spectrum, danced across our stage that summer.

Some view Woodstock as a hedonistic, bacchanalian celebration of spoiled brats on an extended spring break.  Personally I think they missed the point. 

Anti-war, civil rights, feminist rights, art, music, religion, consciousness expansion….these were among the things being celebrated; the things being represented.

Not everybody there was in it just to get high and humped.

Manson represented the true evil that exists in the world….he didn’t represent the hippie culture in the actual sense; his was a game that could have played in any generation-and did.

Anyway, the forty-ish anniversary of Woodstock happened recently (8/16), which is how I want to remember Summer 1969. I personally didn’t get to go to Woodstock, but felt its’ effect on my life and my generation and feel it was and remains an extremely important part of history.

As for Manson and his “family”?  Hey! Anybody can be crazy.
Woodstock will remain a strong memory long after he and his are dust and bones.

Jack and me in the Studio, filming a couple tunes.

So for today, Fifty Five Is The New Freak Flag, just like in the old days I’m letting mine fly!

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