Chin Up and Onward!

Our Behringer Europower 3000 Mixer.  On the blink!

It’s been a few days. Not for lack of trying, but it’s been hard to take the time of late to sit down and form a sentence, let alone write some.  But that’s no excuse. 
Isn’t it funny how you can be full of inspiration, ideas springing forth all over the place but there’s no pen, or it runs out of ink….or there’s nothing to write on.
Some of you are laughing, no doubt. It’s simple! You say, just do blah, blah, blah and your cell phone becomes a personal recorder.  Yes…in theory, that’s true.  But yours truly has a habit of erasing her phone numbers when she tries anything too fancy!  I love technology, but we don’t always get along.

We had to take our Behringer 3000 mixer board (a gizmo that helps with our recording) into the shop because of something stupid I probably did….well, one good thing to come out of all that-I’ll not make that same mistake twice.  – once I find out what it is I did!

Computers, mixers, cameras, stereos and what-not don’t confuse me half so much as math.  Numbers and I REALLY don’t get along.  It’s like we went through a rocky divorce way back when and never got over it.  Technology….well, we share a devil-may-care, fly by the seat of our pants relationship that has a few rough patches now and then, but on the whole we’re still on the honeymoon some blankity-blank years later. 

It’s funny how dependent we’ve become upon these machines!  I depend on mine for everything from email (although I don’t write letters as often as I should) to story, song, prose and poetry writing, recording, making videos, artwork, research and of course this blog.  If there wasn’t some sort of computer around for me to use it would be tough because of how the arthritis has effected my hands.
So I am eternally grateful for the computers’ invention!

Lately, aside from repairing our mixer-a financial OUCH! if ever there was one!-we’ve been refining our sound, writing and learning new songs and working with the cameras. Pretty much keeping up on our projects rather than letting anything stop us.  And that’s the only way to succeed.

So for today, Fifty Five means something that seems to be reflected upon a lot in this blog; Chin up and Onward….don’t let anything stop the dream!

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