Dream Work

Jack building our studio

Remember in the Willie Wonka movie starring Gene Wilder, the little girl demanding everything, all at once?  “I want it NOW!” 

Sometimes I get that way, too; anxious as anything for that instant gratification rush, thinking that it would be nice to wiggle my nose to have all desires fulfilled.  There are times when it happens, too.
Instant karma takes hold and makes it so. For those times I am grateful.

But you know, what I want most and what I am most grateful for seem to take time…and, even though at the moment my impatience may get the best of me, deep inside I know that worthwhile things, dreams and ideas need to ripen.

Magic isn’t just about waving a wand and making it so…magic’s internal function starts long before the practitioner pulls the rabbit out of the hat.  All that is finished product…the prestige. What really makes magic is behind the scenes…from the second a magician gets inspired to develop a new trick, through development on out is part of the art as well.

That’s kind of where we’re at with our studio, our music and all the rest. 

We’re doing the basics…building the foundation of our dreams.  It’s a little difficult sometimes; we’re not young-uns anymore, arthritis and other infirmaries take their toll. But we are determined, and just crazy enough to keep plugging…challenges are there to make us stronger.

Jack and I each have learning disabilities…we both have comprehension problems as well as some version of Attention Deficit Disorder. That makes it difficult to read complex operations manuals and the like…but that dream keeps looming before us, daring us to continue…so we do.

That’s why this process takes us a little longer than some other people. But that’s okay. We’re in it for the long haul not the short sprint.

So for today, Fifty Five Is The New Dream Work. Elbow grease applied liberally! Abracadabra! Each day is a step closer to fruition. Now, where’s my wand?

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